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Broken Legs and my Pair of Crutches

There is only one thing worse in this world than breaking a leg, that is breaking two of them! For many years I used to pride myself in the fact that I made it through 35 years of my life without breaking a bone – I made it through school, I made it through sports and I made it through 4 years riding a motorbike. Nearly everyone I know has either broken an arm or leg at some point in their lives but I somehow managed to escape right throughout.

In 1984 I spent some time in Switzerland on the annual school skiing trip. Every year the school would either head off to some exotic destination in the Alps and every year someone would end with a broken bone. I even escaped that – I was very lucky though as I did have a really bad fall the one year but somehow I escaped without any major, or long lasting, damage!

So, where did it all go wrong? Well, as hard as it to believe I had a car accident around 2 months ago. It was really unfortunate and I guess I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but it happened and I ended up with TWO BROKEN LEGS! Some may say this is justice for all my close escapes earlier in my life but I think it really sucks and none deserves to ever have to go through this!

Leg FractureBreaking bones in your body is always really unpleasant but normally you are able to carry on with life as normal (to a certain degree) but when you break both your legs you are really stuffed. You can’t walk, can’t drive – can’t actually do anything. It is just a matter of taking it easy at home and allowing time to do the healing.

Seeing as I am fairly stuck in this predicament I thought it would be the perfect time to do a few of the things I have always wanted to do but never seemed to find the time. I have always wanted to start a blog (which you are reading right now!) – I have always wanted to read the full Lord of the Rings trilogy and I have always thought about spending a little more time gardening.

The one thing I will really miss is my golf. As an avid golfer the last you need is two broken legs! Although I can’t play for quite some time I guess it won’t hurt to have a break and spend a little more time with the children. I am more concerned about where my handicap will end up once I finally get back out onto the course. I have worked really hard to get my swing into some form of consistency and it may well be that it takes a few months to get everything going again.

I hope you will follow my journey, if you are even slightly bothered, although this blog will be more of a personal diary for me as I do not expect to target any specific audience. I will update with the odd interesting thing that crosses my path and I do plant to upload some images of my broken legs!



Improved Health through Dry Air

Once again, it has taken much longer in between posts than I would have liked but I have slowly managed to get myself back to normal after a long long road! This has kept me outdoors while I enjoy what is left of the summer. I am so annoyed that I had to spend my entire summer inside recovering and when I finally start to feel better and can move about the weather starts to turn!

Over the course of my life I have been unfortunate enough to be affected by allergies and it is one of the worst afflictions you could possibly imagine. The worst part is the permanent sneezing and running nose which never seems to stop. Sometimes, when the symptoms get worse I end up with a post nasal drip just to make it even more uncomfortable. I have never managed to find out why this happens or how to fix it – it had just become one of those things I had to learn to live with.

Recently, while watching TV I saw a program which talked about the health benefits of using a humidifier at home to improve air quality and remove irritants that could possibly cause allergies. I decided to give it a go and bought myself a decent model, you find out more here if you want to, which was big enough to sort out the air right throughout my home. I made sure the bedroom reaped the best benefits as that is where I tend to spend the most time. The result have been totally amazing.

Over the past week I have felt so much better (I attribute much of that to improved sleeping patterns) due to a less congested nasal system. My energy levels have improved and I would even go so far as to say I have improved concentration. If you are an allergy sufferer then I highly recommend you at least try running a humidifier at home to see if you get any improvement. These days you could get yourself a really cheap model to see if it helps and then look at a proper installation in your house if you find it helps. I would also recommend ensuring you go for a cool model, the warm models do work but tend to use a lot more power making it expensive to run.

Other than that, life has been fairly quiet. I have still struggled to find energy to get out on the golf course – the doctor has cleared me but I think it will be sometime before I feel strong enough to attempt it.

I will update soon on my plant hobby and also the longer term benefits of my brand new home humidifier!

A New Passion – Indoor Plant Growing

As mentioned before I am in the unfortunate position of someone who has broken both legs and let me tell you – I do not wish that pain and frustration on anyone! It is a long road to recovery and the boredom is a killer. As someone who loves spending time outside it really is enough to allow depression to slowly sink in. In order to try and combat this I have discovered a brand new hobby that is really keeping my spirits up and helping me through this difficult time.

Ever since I was a small child I have loved gardening. This comes from my mother who spent much of her life outdoors tending to her plants. I remember spending time outside helping her as she would explain all the different plants and how proud she was of her garden. As I grew up I also continued in that vain and have always been partial to all things green. Lack of time has been the problem as a family, work and other hobbies have left little time.

I decided to try my hand at growing some indoor plants as it is something I could achieve without having to move around too much. Obviously, working outdoors is off the table in my current state but there has been nothing stopping me setting up a small indoor planting area. This may sound really easy but it’s not. There is a science behind growing plants inside as you need to provide lighting – I bought myself an LED grow light which is designed for the job. You read about LED grow lights here to find out what they actually are.

I must say I have really got into this as a new hobby as you can grow all sorts of plants and different vegetables inside under controlled conditions. There are no bugs or diseases and for some unknown reason the plants seem to grow much quicker inside and look far healthier than anything I have attempted outdoors. I know some people use this type of setup to grow weed and they have excellent results versus the outdoors.

I stated off with a simple herb garden as I am always short of these when I prepare our meals. There is something about freshly picked herbs to enhance an otherwise boring evening meal. My current project is to test out some vegetables like tomatoes and onions which I am told respond really well to the controlled indoor conditions. I will update with some photos soon.

Other than that it is just a matter of waiting for my body to heal so I can get back out on the golf course – that is my pet hate right now as I know I am going to have to build my accuracy back and all the work I put in previously will be lost.

The good news is that I am on the mend and the doctors seem happy with my progress.  I still have a long way to go but I am finding it easier as the days go by.

Missing out on Golf

As I said in my previous post of all things I cannot do I seem to be missing out on my golf the most. I am not missing work, driving or spending time out with the crowds at markets or shopping centers but I do miss the clean fresh air and the time on the golf course with my buddies.

Golf is one of those wonderful hobbies that is both challenging and exciting at the same time. The excitement comes in the form of the unknown, especially when you get the opportunity to plan on a new golf course. The challenge is always there as you never really know how the day will turn out when you play. Often golfers have a good round and then think they have finally got everything together only to find the next time they play they have a disaster!

One of the best ways to work on your golf swing is to spend the time practicing. This is not always so simple for people who lack the spare time but it really does pay off and there is no simple route to a consistent swing.

I have been thinking about getting myself a golf simulator so I can spend more time working on my game without being out all the time and away from the family. There are a couple of different models to choose from – the Optishot and P3 Proswing but having spent some time checking them out I think I will likely go for the Optishot. You can read more about these different golf simulators by clicking the link. The product is pictured below.

Home Golf -Optishot

I am not sure if that is the right move but all I need is a simple unit that will allow me to see what I did wrong (or right :-) after each swing and play some virtual courses for a bit of fun. I do see the benefit in this over Winter when it is almost impossible to either play or practice. Also, buying one now will give me the time at home to get it all setup and read all the instructions etc.

The doctors seem to think I will be at least another 9-10 weeks before I can start trying to get around the house by myself so as you can imagine that is still a long long haul and a frustrating couple of months ahead. I will keep thinking about all the things I will able to do again once I have recovered!!! The lesson from all of this is to enjoy life while you can.